Feeling 3-6-5 SOBER

Feeling 3-6-5 SOBER   I’m a girl who is rather partial to a G-and-sugarfree-T. A glass (ok, goblet) of Pinot. A ladle of Poor Man’s Sangria (red wine with ginger beer and cubes of pineapple and apple floating about). So it’s not all that startling that upon saying I am doing 2019 Alcohol-Free, I on … More Feeling 3-6-5 SOBER

Feeling: A CHANGE

Feeling: A CHANGE And just like that, it was the 10th. The days had gone by agonisingly slowly, but when it came to the last it felt like it had flown. I went to brush my teeth after my 3.51am alarm, and came across my friend Kathrine in the bathroom; she gave me a stealthy … More Feeling: A CHANGE


Feeling: THE NEED FOR MY PILLOW So it was Day Seven. Another silent breakfast, another silent lunch. Another round-and-round-and-round-and-fucking-round the bush track – this time muttering, “Palms of the feet, soles of the hands. Palms of the feet, soles of the hands, I-am-equanimous-I-am-equanimous-I-am-equanimous” furiously as I tried to overcome those rising winds of another storm. … More Feeling: THE NEED FOR MY PILLOW


Feeling: APPREHENSIVE A disclosure before we begin: although this and the still-to-come parts of prose are peppered with moments of merriness, it has to be understood that Vipassana was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The rawest, realest, most painful, most profound and most incisive experience I’ve ever, well, experienced. Just … More Feeling: APPREHENSIVE