Short post. 

One thing i am astounded by is the amount of incredible messages I have been receiving. 

People close to me, people I barely know, people I don’t necessarily get on with that well; just SO many messages that have truly made me teary. Just well wishers, saying they’re really intrigued by my solo sojourn, or people saying how much they love reading my blog. It’s incredible and so unbelievably uplifting. 

It’s crazy how much overwhelming love I’m feeling for certain people. Obviously my family, (I think poor Deb and Hank may be quick in getting sick of all my “I love you” messages), but other people as well that I’m only just realising  how important they are to me. I’ve started making a list of said people, and have made a vow that on my return home I will make the time to actually be a bigger part of their lives (if they want it or not!). 
Life is good. And it continues to look up. 

One thought on “Feeling: IMMENSELY LOVED & GRATEFUL

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