I have developed two immense girl crushes. 

First off, Oce. 

She’s a French lass who’s been living in  Cambodia for the last six years and she is a warm and passionate spirit. Absolutely against all kinds of chemicals anywhere near the body, she advocates this at all times. Cue trip to the corner store where I picked up a pot of ginger face moisturiser and remarked how lovely it was, she exploded: “You are the ultimate consumer! Not even looking to see the ingredients and the shit you would be putting on your face.” (I was extremely chuffed when she looked at the back of the pottle and sniffed her approval). 

She’s so French, yet so not. She blurts out all her thoughts, grunts in class when an asana is pushing her, and openly told all the poor, innocent and young male yoga instructors that she had her period – “It arrived this morning!” She makes me laugh and sometimes cringe, but her presence is extremely entertaining. 

She is a towering girl but she owns it with perfect posture and grace. She said she loved going to The Netherlands because she felt among her own with all the other damsels, but her height is part of her charm and allure. 

All that is hers is yours; need a charger? Nail file? Homemade concoction to wash your face with? Help yourself! She’s larger than life and being in her company warms the soul. 

Onto Eva, the Czech mother of two who lives in Qatar. Also majorly babein’. A quieter, more introverted woman than Oce, she is an extremely interested observer, watching people and scenes intently before coming out with profound remarks. 

I just love her. She looks and comes across as super young, yet there is a massively maternal streak that often rears its head; I think she has cottoned onto my eating struggles, as she has started to “tsk tsk” whe she hears me turn down rice and dhal and passes me her vegetable servings when I’m not looking. 

My day exploring Rishikesh centre yesterday with her proved so, so much fun. She cracked up about finding handsome Indian men, laughed with infectious joy at the ride in the rikashaw and clasped me in a one armed hug as we strode across a bridge. Sometimes you meet people you instantly feel connected to, and Eva is one of those, 100 per cent. 

We’ve been here for three and a half days and these two women and I have already become extremely close. I know that when all this is over, I will miss their company like crazy. 

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