Tonight I sat and stared at a candle for an hour.

It was a cleansing – shatkarma – technique called trataka, where you gaze steadfastly upon an object in a bid to centre concentration. Also a meditative practice, it was lovely basking in the flickering flames but proved rather difficult to keep the mind focused and on point. 
My experience ’twas as follows.
Candle. Candle. Watch the candle. 

Jo likes candles.

I love Jo. I wonder what she’s doing now? Asleep I’d say, time difference is 6.5hours. So it’s 8pm here, must make it… 2.30am there. Actually I bet she’s up doing ironing or vacuuming or something ridiculous, having one of her bursts of energy for household duties. She’s so funny. I wonder how long….

Focus Poppy. The candle. Fix your eyes. Focus. The candle.

This so reminds me of a scene from Harry Potter, of Voldemort and the Death  Eaters hustling around a candle while they plot to kill Harry. Oce is even making sounds like a dementor. Shit I wish Christina was here. Actually I don’t, I’m hardly containing my giggles now. If she was here I’d be out of control. 

Haha OMG. It reminds me of her Harry Potter party when we were 17. And all the other girls dressed up as slutty witches with short skirts and low buttoned shirts. I went as Draco Malfoy, with my peroxide blonde hair (at the time I thought it was fantastic; photos of the era still being sought to be destroyed) slicked back, my school shoes, a big woollen jumper and Hank’s dressing gown. 

I wonder if he still has that dressing gown? Could be a birthday present idea for a new one for him this year. He’s so hard to but for. Apart from Jim Beam. Or cycling socks. But….

Candle. Candle. CANDLE.

The flame is so beautiful. It reminds me of something…. Omg I know! Slideshow Bob! Off The Simpsons!

Shit The Simpsons makes me laugh. I remember how Dad hated it and hated Michael and I watching it so we made him a deal; Michael got a new pack of Pokemon cards if he gave up watching it. My trade off was a pair of Michael’s hand me down cargo pants. Shit I won out on that score. 

Cargo pants. Always reminds me of James. What kind of pants make a car go? Cargo pants. Never fails to make us laugh. Just like Michael and the “What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?” joke. Always…


Jo loves candles. 

It was an hour of thought medleys and withholding giggles. Quite the relief when the light came on and I got to blow it out. 

But now I’m in bed with the Harry Potter melody mixed in with The Simpsons theme song rattling around my brain. Cheers meditation, really clearing the mind.

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