India is insanity. It’s incredible. And it’s opening my eyes. 

This whole find-myself-become-UltraPop-Solo-Sojourn stuff has me pondering, puzzling and musing. Why this? Why that? What for? How come? And it has me understanding things I never even thought of before, ideas so foreign to my Western constructed mindset. It’s absolutely enlightening and has me questioning so many things I took as gospel. 

Three fairly surface-level observations that each in turn elicited a fresh thought. 

1. It really trips me put how people from disparate parts of the world look so astoundingly different, in features, skin colours, physique proportions, etc, yet dogs look the same everywhere. Yes, I get importing slash exporting of different breeds, yada yada yada, but you’re wandering down an Indian street, marvelling at the extreme polarisation from home, then oop! There’s a Border Collie. It seriously buzzes me out. Next door there’s even a German Shephard. A German Shephard I tell you! I don’t know why, but every time I see her it plays games with my mind. Sometimes in the middle of a yoga class I hear barking and think it’s Otto bellowing out to me. Madness!

2. Life for many here is so dismal and grey. The intensely hierarchical caste system means poverty is abundant and wealth is a very limited apex. Yet the women dress so beautifully in waterfalls of rainbowed fabrics and jewels. Then you realise: this is a tiny bit of colour they can afford to inject into their day-to-day living. Their saris are the beauty in their lives. 

3. My hair. Now, I’m not a natural blonde (shock horror!) but in summertime with the sun beaming down, my hair does go a few shades lighter to a nice brassy, brash blondey-orange that needs some major toning. In winter it’s just that average, mediocre mouse brown. Here, my hair is becoming so dark. I thought being summer with intense sunlight I would come home resembling Gwen Stefani! (Rock hard asb included from all those inversion asanas). To my astonishment, I’m resembling more of a Russell Brand type do, with the length almost his as well; by Christ it’s growing at a brisk pace. By the time the month is up I’ll be able to tie the end strands around my toes. (I’m hoping the wee facial hairs that sprout now and again – I can’t believe I’m sharing that! – don’t follow suit, else I’ll be old Rusty’s doppelgänger). But the UV rays from the sun don’t have as many openings in the ozone to glare on through so alas, dark brown it is. (I wonder what Rajeesh prefers?).

Such wondrous, profound, enlightening wisdom from yours truly. 

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