Feeling: Buoyant & Bright

I’m adamant in the idea that everyone should have a list of goals to achieve before they cark it. They could be anything, from learning to bake meringues to busting up into space. 

Generally this is referred to as a “Bucket List” but I just cannot bring myself to use the term – it holds connations and linking bad memories for me. 

Buckets make me think of the beach, the beach makes me think of sand, and sand makes me recollect an unfortunate incident one holiday at Hahei on the Coromandel. 

An annual trip when we lived in Wellington, the highlight of Hahei was boogie boarding with Hank casting us off with a thrust into a wave crest and us being sent into the shore. Such a thrilling high! 

One time however, something went a bit wrong and I went topsy-turbulent with force under the ebb and flow. Don’t ask me how it happened, but a significant amount of sand (and I mean significant) travelled up and deposited itself inside my anus. 

I remember later in the camping ground shower having to insert my index finger and scoop out load after load of sand from my chamber. Increasingly aware of the long line of irrant beach goers wanting a shower, the scooping was frantic and I nicked an inner piece of skin with my fingernail. It was horrendous. 

Thus, I do not have a “Bucket List” (cue shudder). Instead, I have a POP CHECKPOINTS.

Some I’ve already heartily accomplished such as graduating Uni, doing a speech in front of 2000+ people, and doing a Solo Sojourn to India. One is next in line, being trekking to Everest Base Camp (I’m praying AMS doesn’t get the better of me). The following is a nowhere near finished list of some achievements I want under my belt before I pass over, which I shall add to as new arise. 

1. Learn competent Dutch to have a flowing conversation with Opa.

2. Learn competent Polish to have a flowing conversation with Babcia.

3. Walk the length of New Zealand

4. In the next year or so, run a half marathon (full if knee can take it)

5. Travel as extensively far and wide as I can, especially: Poland, Holland, Antarctica, Egypt, Africa, Greece, Ireland, San Fran

6. Take Deb to New York and visit Carri Bradshaw’s apartment 

7. Go to France for the Tour de France with Henio

8. Visit the Coronation Street set

9. Harry Potter EVERYTHING 

10. Fulfil childhood dream of swimming with dolphins

11. Walk down the street of where Opa grew up in Holland and skype him

12. Find out what happened to my Babcia’s father

13. Write at least one book and get it published

14. Attend an Indian wedding

15. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square

16. Be a grandmother – “Nanna Pop”

17. Stay in and abide by the rules of a nudist colony

18. Try to make a guard at Buckingham Palace crack a smile

19. Be an extra in a movie

20. Coach my daughter’s netball team (side note: actually have a daughter)

21. Stand on the equator 

22. Visit Anne Frank’s house

23. Read the Bible
24. Fly a plane  

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