Feeling: UP


Feeling: UP

My pledge to break away from my intense time restrictions was so successful yesterday it got me in a spot of bother. 

My chilled-peace-love buzz I got on at the Beatles’ ashram meant time got away on me. I looked at my phone, saw it was 3.30pm and had a moment of alarm; Eva was taking her class at 4.30, and we were a good stride from the studio. 

I hustled all along at a brisk pace but it wasn’t going to cut it. We got to Lakshman Jhula at 4.06, and Jenn and Meg were keen to peek around the pockets of shops while Kapil was quite literally beside himself with sweat. “Do you always walk so fast?” He panted. 

I think it was an unspoken, unanimous decision for me to quickstep off on my lonesome. 
So I ran. 

Ever sprinted 3km in jandals? Across a bustling bridge? Through swarming side streets? It’s like an intense game of netball. Constantly dodging rogue rickashaws, cows, dogs, monkeys, scooters and carts before we even get onto people. But I was getting back in time. I wasn’t letting Eva down. (Positively practising stubbornness I like to think).

After what felt like a mammoth marathon, I finally reached the ashram driveway and rounded the curvy corner as I gasped and gulped. At this stage I’ll have you know it was a good 38 degrees. The sun was mercilessly beating down and swivels of sweat cascaded out of every pore. Eva, Oce, Rajeesh and John were on the third floor balcony watching out for my arrival. Would I be back or was I not going to bother? 

Oh, I bothered.

4.33pm baby. I yanked my yoga attire off the washing line, changed with sensational speed and was up ready to go at 4.36pm. 

I’m so happy I made the effort. Eva’s class was fantastic; she is an incredible yoga teacher and truly knows her stuff. I could tell she was tickled I made the slog. It’s how I want to be; keeping my word, putting others before me, making people smile. 

And what better way to celebrate the near end of our ashram dwelling? Why, another dunk in the Holy Ganga waters of course! After class we whipped to our rooms to get changed for the dip, and I looked at my washing on my bed begging me to be put away. “It’ll only take a second,” I thought, bending to pick up a tee. Then suddenly I stopped myself. Fuck it. What would UltraPop do? So I flung it on the floor (then bent down to pick it up and put it back on my bed; let’s not get too carried away) and took off to the waters. Some things can fucking well wait. 

After dinner Jenn and I walked her friend up to the rickashaw stand, then we made our way back home. Jenn was getting collected by a taxi at 10pm to go to Delhi for her Canada-bound flight. Instead of retiring to my room to do my nightly ritual of 200 sit-ups and such, I hung out with her as she packed. 

It was lovely. We talked about travel, life, everything and anything. It was just so natural and nice and I can just tell she’s going to be someone I see again. We even threw Bali exploration plans around and flirted with the idea of her coming to Nepal with me (alas, work beckons). I was sincerely so sad to see her go. 

I’ve forged friendships here that I hold close to my heart. Eva, Jenn, Kapil; you know how sometimes you just click with a person? Like something is just in harmony? Well with these three in particular I have a real bond that I will make sure to maintain. Regardless of age, culture, beliefs, we are firm friends. 

While in the river I also turned my back on the others for a moment and closed my eyes. I visualised ED clinging onto me, gripping me like a vice, and I pictured partially ripping a bit of him off and drowning him in the murky waters. I like to think I’m leaving a weighty (‘scuse the pun) portion of ED in India. 

I’m truly changing. For the better. I know everyday won’t be fantastic with UltraPop forefront, and at times I will sink a bit, but I’m going to try my very best. UP UP UP. Here comes the sun.

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