I’m quite intrigued to see how I’ll handle myself at home when it comes to beauty products and self maintenance. 

I’m not the most on-top-of-myself when it comes to beauty regimes. My morning routine consists of splashing water on my face, slopping on a slap of moisturiser and chucking my hair up with a zillion bobby pins. If I’m going out somewhere of significance, I’ll do a two-minute makeup job and maybe straighten the twirls and curls. (I’m spoilt with my hairdressing-makeup-artist best friend Abbey; she does me up for anything special, meaning I’ve gotten a little lazy).
But my elixir of life comes in the form of fake tan. At any given time I have seven different labels of the liquid gold on the go (a decade of trial and error has me the expert on which one for which area of the body is best). I diary-tise application times throughout any given week to make sure I remained topped up with a golden (ok, sometimes orange) hue.

So when I get back will I flock to lather on the lotion? Or will I continue to embrace my pearly pallor? 

I’ve actually come to kind of like my pale legs. I’ve grown used to peering down and seeing white limbs poking out of my pants. And my face is growing more appealing to myself not tinted with tanner; I look more real.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t worn a slick of makeup since I left. Aside from a mere marking of eyeliner to avoid me looking like a sweaty six-year-old German schoolboy (my nickname among the Everest Expendables is “Hans”), nothing has been smeared about my face. And I love it. 

I actually look like me. Raw (natural, not rugged) (though that too I must say). Poppy, no bullshit. No pretences. No mask. 

That’s not to say I’m going to forgo all self image and vanity. Cripes no; I have a hair appointment hustled as soon as I get back to fix up this messy mince and cheese mop. A full blown body wax to rip out all the stubborn stray hairs is definitely a necessity. And I’m looking forward to some crisp, clean clothes. 

But I think the reliance factor will be lessened to a mere take-it-or-leave-it choice. 
I want the glow from within, not a bottle of Sugar Baby. 

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