I’ve found my calling (should the multiple other profession options under my belt fall through); Singapore Airport PR. 

Have you ever been to Changi Singapore Airport? If you have, did you do it justice? Like a decent jaunt around the magical play land? I could honestly say the high on being there was just below that of being at EBC. 

My original haul home had me with a mere hour in transit. Luckily my lovely travel agent Caraline suggested extending the tight time just in case of any delays. So I found myself with twelve hours on my hands. Originally I was booked for a hotel room but I cancelled this a few days ago; this was Singapore Airport mate. 

The place is seriously a wonderland. I cannot stress it enough. Needing to entertain yourself is done with ease and it can be done without spending a single cent. Just catch the sky trains between the terminal and be in awe at the options. Let me list only a few of the myriad of activities available to anyone. 

– The Butterfly Garden: exactly what the name suggests. A humid, tropical-like paradise where butterflies flutter amongst their fruity foods and signage allows you to spot certain species for yourself. 

– The Sunflower Garden. Literally a garden of hundreds, petals proudly radiating out. So glorious to run amok amongst! 
– Copious photo ops. Like many many many. A set of gold guilted angel wings to pose in front of, big plastic plates of national foods, goldfish ponds and jungle settings. It’s like a big carnival of sights and sounds. 
– This may pass by unnoticed by many, but I love the computerised rating systems at every help desk, bathroom and scenic site. They allow you to choose from five options of how you found the experience. Always one to fill feedback forms, I select on the screens at every station. 

– The four times I have had the fantastic fortune to hang here, there has always been different themes and things going on. My top two of today were the Kit Kat sandcastle set up and the “Be a Changi Millionaire” money machines, where upon making a purchase you could ring up the odds to get a slice of the pie. Indulging in some Dior Hypnotic Poison perfume for myself (the same scent since I was 11) and a couple of Jimmy’s for old Henio had me seven chances to spin the wheel. How good are games? 

– The free Singapore tour. Unfortunately, I have never been able to actually utilise this incredible option as all my stopovers have been nightly visits (the kiosk closes at 6pm), but should you find a spare 60mins during the daytime, you are able go on an hour-long tour of the city. At no expense! 

– Kid’s stations are scattered around all over the show, with radical games, colouring and toys to play with to your heart’s content. I admit I meandered over to have a nosy and would’ve been in my element to join the group of four-year-olds building blocks. 

– I have a real penchant for hand towels to be available in public bathrooms wherever I use facilities and at Singapore Airport, every potty has a lotty. So ideal instead of the hand drying dreariness and material feeding contraptions of most establishments.
– The Snooze Lounge. I mean, an actual set aside nest for napping. Complete with charging stations and reclining cocoons to rest up in. Could it get any better?

– Free movie “cinema”. Obviously options for films do not offer a vast array, but walking past I saw a sign for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. So only the best. 
– Free massage chairs to wile away tensions in the legs and feet. No coin cost at all. Free. During the days they often can get a bit congested, but being there from 8pm to 8am had just me and the machines. 

– Free unlimited wifi. Fast too. 

– Shops. Need I say more? If you have the dosh it’s like pure nirvana for the seasoned shopper. And of course, all duty free. Alcohol, cosmetics, clothes clothes clothes clothes, and the multiple food arenas to settle the tum with options to fulfill all fussiness. 

I’m fizzing just listing my loves. It makes me want to turn around and head right back and frolick through the terminals. 

Anyway back to my half day of heaven; so when I booked I was gifted with a two-hour transit lounge voucher which I decided to cash in. I headed to the Ambassador Lounge in T3, where I ended up paying $50 for a further five hours. 

I had the most sensational shower (well second to the one yesterday, but first shower in a fortnight; nothing is going to top that turrent), in a massive stall with steaming hot H20 cascading from the ceiling. Actually decent conditioning shampoo waited patiently in a dispenser on the coffee coloured tiled wall, so I gave my hair a few cleanses and rinses and dosed myself with eons of heavenly body wash. 

A constant free buffet of foods was on tap; think salads, curries, chicken nuggets, juices, biscuits, lollies, nuts, porridge, pizza bread and a serious dispenser of Milo cereal. For someone needing a heart meal, it’d be worth it to pay ten huck for a single hour and fill up on the feast. 

I baggsed myself a pristinely clean couch where I lay and pretty much passed out for a few hours, waking to be the only one in the lounge. Comfy, calm, clean and candid. 

I went to my gate at 6am as fresh as a newly bloomed poppy. 

Singapore Airport. A destination in itself. 

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