A couple of days I wrote about my new pal Omkumari, the 24-year-old Nepalese lass relocating to Auckland on her lonesome to study.

On depositing her at her departure gate at Singapore Airport, I gave her my Facebook details enthusing that should she need any info/help/aid in any way, to hustle me a message and I’d put her right.


Last night younger brother James and I were travelling back from Tauranga (2x posts to come regarding homecoming and seeing the GParents) when I received a barrage of PM’s from my new so-called mate. She asked for my cellular digits which I happily imparted, then she sent through a little line that had me a touch affronted.

“I think you are irritating,” she promulgated.

I was pretty lost for a response. I showed James and he started pissing himself. “What the fuck?” He laughed. “Who the hell have you been befriending?”

I felt a confirmation of her opinion of me was a needed. “Do you know what ‘irritating’ means ?” I queried.

Yes she did know what it meant; she was just ensuring I realised I was a maddening and frustrating person. She felt it was in my best interest to be informed, it appeared.

James starting mocking me because he could tell I was pretty peeved. “Don’t take it to to heart,” he sniggered. “She sounds like a weirdo.”

I didn’t respond to Omkumari for a little while. I admit it, I was having a sulk. I trotted around two terminals to help this lost soul out, and she hits back with an insult? To be straight out told I was found to be galling and irksome didn’t exactly have me jumping for joy.

Checking my phone half an hour later I found a bombardment of apologies from Omkumari. She’d obviously become aware I was mightily miffed, and set about making amends with multiple emoijis and pleas for forgiveness. I perched on my high horse for a fair while longer, but soon told myself to stop being silly and dismounted.

After warning her to not blurt out such perspectives to people willy nilly, she started flinging compliments at me full force which rebooted the dwindling Pop self esteem.

I felt like a tween having a disagreement over MSN.
Isn’t it funny, cultural norms and acceptabilities? Obviously for Omkumari, it was completely justified to let me know I was on the annoying side, as it was just the honest truth.¬†
Imagine if I had done so with the German lads next to me on the plane, or an acquaintance along my travels? I would’ve received a hearty hiding.

Om and I are boys again, never fear. I’m not one to hold a grudge.

Even if I am irritating.

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