Apologies, apologies, apologies; I have been a bit of a wayward son of late with my blogging. The past week has been a rather manic frenzy and combined with having run out of data on my cellular device, the posting of fresh yarns has been sorely forsaken. 

Never fear! A fair few spiels (i.e. One par and a title announcing the feels) are residing in my drafts folder and shall be uploaded in due course. I promise starting this weekend I shall be back on track with at least two or so a week. You know you love what you do when you sit and write for a good seven hours a day, then come home pumped to write a little more. 

I probably should’ve spent the previous hour finishing my SOLEFUL yarn I’ve had patiently waiting for 21 days (blast you WordPress and your ability to state times) rather than backtracking the hilarious memes on the Princess Polly FB page to July 2012 and tagging all relevant people in them. But needs amust! And I was feeling a good giggle. 

While here: I would love any feedback on which yarns are most enjoyed, any topics you would like me to perhaps tackle, even what you wish I’d shut the fuck up about. Ed may not feature for a wee while; writing about him all day has me prefer to touch on other subjects. But should someone want an update on the bastard, let me know. Email me @ anneke_rose@live.com, flick is an FB message or even hustle us a call! (There’s very few Wortmans in the White Pages). 

Promise Pop will be back on point v. v. v. soon. In the meantime, here’s my fav come across meme that has literally got me in hysterical hysterics. 

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