– Collosal apologies I have been absolutely silent the past few days. It is in no way the case in person; We have been chucking around the puns like no day after next. I honestly am beyond elatedly happy. I have met the most insanely fab bunch of people that I already love fiercely. A big characterisation post to follow. And oh so much to come in the next few days; I have so much to share, I feel like I work in stocks. My phone has 594 photos, majority being notes to include in yarns. So I can assure you, I’ll catch you up on my antics. The following post I started full day number one and only just chucked the tail on. Truly, so much has happened I’m brimming with tales. Next few days, I vow! So here’s to it –

Jess and I had every intention of an ENI (Early Night In). A singular glass of wine each with the newly established Contiki gang followed by a 9pm retirement up to our dorm for a short plan out of the following day, then a good 10 hour shut eye.
Mate, it was happy hour. Bottles of wine were down to 10 euro a pop (literally in my case). It made economical sense to buy a full one, didn’t it? Plus, as taking alcohol to one’s room was frowned upon and disciplined with a throwing out of the accommodation facilities, the helpful bar tender said we could leave our unfinished bottles in the reception fridge for consumption the following evening.

Again. Yeah.
I mean, once it’s open and on the go, it’s rude to part with it midway, is it not? So in all fairness, I was displaying a considerate case of manners when pouring – yet  another – glass and getting my tipsy – well, OK, drunk – speak on.
I had every intention of popping up to bed and writing a post of fun facts on the Eiffel Tower. Truly, I did. Unfortunately the Merlot got the better of me, and sitting on a bar stool amongst a crowd of multiple characters spinning a spiel under the influence proved more appealing. Apologies. But the merry info shall have to wait until I’ve sobered up.

Night number one: Jess, myself (already the absolute firmest of friends; so so so alike it’s insanity, we are full on twins), third trio member Matt, on point punner Tom, and joined by another on-site gal called Sophie. (Lamb chops Lamboins was unfortunately unwell and had to retire. Never fear; all shall be introduced tomorrow). And so it begins.

The memories are a bit blank (I.e., all after 7.35pm is so hazy as to be unremembered) but I feel it was a fab night. I mean, a trio of us are at breakfast extremely hungover, tired and seedy but making remarks of fab fun.
And today, so much to do! Walking tour kicking off from St Michel. Crossing so many bridges. (Love that one). Seeing so much. Then a whole gang of other Contiki TM hopefuls arriving this arvo, whereupon we shall head to the Eiffel for a picnic.

How much better can life get? I’m pumped. And I literally feel like I’m meeting my soul mates.
Oh, so much more to come. You know how I said I needed to get out and colour my life up again? Fill it with highlights? (Yes I did). Mate, I’m like Joseph – it’s all gone technicolour.
Pop Wort is rainbowing out. ROYGBIV mate.

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