To the meet and greet.
Contiki most definitely look for a certain type of person, or a slight deviation in them. While all I have met are absolutely lovely and fun, there are a certain seven that I am full on in love with. It’s ridiculous – it’s like if you could describe a group of your ultimate people who all get on like a queue of passengers for a plane, you couldn’t get it any more on point than us.
So while all of them rate highly in my library, I’m only going to share a succinct portrait of the soulmate seven.
1. Jess.

If you are friends with me on FB you will have noticed the sudden inclusion of another bun-bearing female in pretty much all my pics. Meet Jess, Perth hailing primary school teacher who became my new best friend within our first half hour of hanging.
I have literally never met someone so alike myself before. It’s insane (in Seine as we are in Paris). We are constantly finishing each others’ sentences, declaring the exact same sentences at once and coming to the completely identical conclusions. And everyone is noticing it too; we are incessantly being told we are twins.

2. Godman; the Matt.
Actually such a foremost friend. His laugh is like a set of musician wind chimes; not the annoying ones that tangle and tinkle like the sound of broken glass, but the type you hope so hard for a gust of wind to go to town on to hear the magical melody – thus, the desire to jollily joke to have it sing out. With Jess and I, we are Ron, Hermione and Harry. A little tight knit trio who are all ecstaticly business together (I.e., in each others’ company). I’ve never laughed so much in my life as with these two, especially when joined by:
3. Tom – the Canberrian champion.
You know how people say someone’s smile can light up a room? Tom defines this; his smile is literally like sunshine, possibly the most beautiful, genuine grin I have ever seen. And his puns are totally on point too. He is a human Shukka. A fab, firm friend on first meeting that just deepens each day.
4. Pat PMS.
Striking. That’s what Pat is. I was rather struck down and flustered upon our first meeting. I am forever hunched over in mirth with his witty one liners, and being an Auckland originating lad we have much in cohesion. More on this at a later date.
5. Danni D-Day
As soon as I met her, I fell into full on girl crush mode. Like, I busted into the hostel, saw her reclining on the couch and my face split into an ear splitting grin. I think I’ve just come across my next new best friend, I thought. And a mere two days on I know I was a good million per cent on point. And her puns? Absolutely beyond up there. It’ll be a sad Day when we part ways.

6. Lamb Chopping Lamboins; Danny again (but not the second; just the other).
When I look at Shanks I think of Eastbourne beach in Wellington – his eyes sparkle the same blue. He grows on me with each and every action, from the respectful way he treats girls, to aiding an elderly French woman take her bike up some steep steps to uploading and carting about all of my bags because the gang departed before I returned from a flit away. Puns also on point. A real, good hearted lad.
7. Mel Mel, the Barcelona babe (though she’s actually from South Africa)

Oh so much fun was had with this one; a great one for a snuggle or to manipulate your back knots. Has good yarns too and is always dependable on for a giggle. She has a genuine interest in each and every one and the most lusciously lovely eyelashes I have ever seen.


There are a few other fantastic fellas also, but the above are those with whom I brolaborate the most. I seriously am in awe at how fast we have all bonded and linked like the most concrete of chains. The group chats, the bounce around yarns; I met these peps in person a week ago, yet I know in my heart these comrades, confidants and compeers are now a superglued in part of my life.
So now you have a little insight as to each and all for the to-come antics. Seriously – the best bunch. Soulmate Seven.

Now to the fun facts.

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