The India adventures are about to come to a close.

It’s a weird sensation; I feel like I arrived like a week ago, let alone four months before now. The colourful chaos, the magical madness; all over until next time I come here – and who knows when that will be?

The last week has seen me and Uncle Jamie howl up at the very flash Ashoka Hotel in Delhi, where I made massive inroads in SGG. Extremely happy with the progress, and a good plan put in place for its finishing come the early new year.

Cousin-sister Sarah arrived Wednesday evening, and her, Jamie and I (Jamie is her father, in case that hadn’t clicked) had a lovely dins and catch up before he flew out to Aussie the next a.m. Whereupon Sarah and I ubered to our next abode – a hotel in the New Delhi centre, where we spent the four-point-five days doing a little roaming with a lot of sleeping and resting up. (I haven’t slept more than eight hours in a long time, let alone the 13 straight I did on Friday).

It’s been pretty special being able to see India through Sarah’s eyes. Not having been to an Eastern country before, the insanity of it is all new to her and it’s refreshing to witness that. The smells of shit and urine constantly pervading your nostrils, the rubbish mountains hugging the roadsides, the poverty and poor right there in your face as little homeless children beg for coins and tug on your navy pantsuit (Sarah’s attire at the time); I had become so accustomed to it all, so to be with someone seeing it for the first time has reeled in just how different from home it is, and taken away some of the indifference that had been starting to surface in me.

We’ve had some good explorations, with a fair few fuck ups as is always the What-Wort way. Our first tuk tuk ride together had us hurtling through the Delhi jams with a mad man, intent on making us pay more than the agreed 100 rupees and dropping us in a random street when we staunchly said no. A trip to Ambience Mall had me type the second shopping complex into the search (why oh why are there two with the same title?) and we found ourselves out of Delhi and into its neighbouring state (“Don’t say I don’t take you around,” I said to Sarah). And a dinner at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant had us consume two cocktails apiece and made for a rather tipsy, heartburn-fuelled ride home.

And here we are, at a plush hotel in Aerocity for our last night. Only plans to swan by the pool, finish the third season of Gossip Girl and pack for out departure to Nepal (we have a strategy of military degree to get all our – ok, my – belongings across to Kathmandu).

It’s less than three weeks until I go home now. I’m not ready. This trip hasn’t given me what I needed it to; of course, I had placed some pretty high expectations on it that as yet, haven’t been met. But I’m so ready to get my head above the Nepalese clouds and accomplish a mental state that I’m searching for.

And part I’m most looking forward to? The break away from my phone. I’ve always known how attached to it I am, but observing myself this last week or so has shown me just how much I have it at hand. It’s not all FB and Insta and such; more often, it is jotting notes down and reading the news. But with not getting a sim and holding back from connecting to wifi at the teahouses, I’m going to go from October 25 through to November 8 with the only range I’m in being that of the Himalayan.

I’m leaving my diary at the hotel in Thamel, so rigid scheduling cannot be the go. My aims are to just be in the moment and not constantly future-think as I do in my every day; I want to be there and experiencing it without updating the Herald and losing myself in the lifestyle section.

Plus, I’ve let all my hopes and expectations slide; what will be will be, and I shall be NZ bound as I’m meant to.

So silence from my end for a fortnight or so. I may write some posts up as I trek the Everest terrain, I may not.

Whatever comes will be. How’s that for a namaste mind?

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