Feeling: THE TO DO’s OF 2019

Feeling: THE TO DO’s OF 2019


(Just an input about the above pic: I got SO many messages saying how people loved the leopard pantsuit and what a fab outfit that was. How it so suited me and how great it looked. Truth about it at the end).


A shorty of ponderings as we move forward:


  • I don’t really “do” resolutions anymore; the whole month-in-and-it’s-by-the-wayside of the last few years has proven that the premise doesn’t exactly pan out. So rather, I have instead just made a little list of Ways To Be and Things To Do for 2019 (which is essentially the same thing as making resolutions really, but rack off). And rather than start on the 1st, mine start on the 7th– tomorrow, and a Monday so the start of a new week rather than a year.


And furthermore, get this: I HAVEN’T WRITTEN THEM DOWN. Nope! Me, the Lordess of Lists and colourful pieces of paper declaring my good ways of the new, has decided that I’m very aware of what my things are and that there is no need to note them.


Plus, there is no 2019 diary; I’m doing the whole year by wallplanner and memory, How deliciously freeing!


  • I’ve taken to reading the news each morning (finally; even through my three years of bloody journalism I didn’t keep up to date with current events) and the other day I was glancing over an article on how the largest Civic Video store has shut its doors down. It got me thinking; by the time I have (if?) kids, I’ll tell them of the days we used to drive into town and select a DVD, physically take it home to watch and have to have it in by the due time the next day. Imagine how outdated and foreign such a concept will be to those growing up in the era of Netflix!


  • In a conversation with a friend, we were saying how a third party never replies as he is “useless with his phone”. And it got me thinking; is someone that doesn’t check their phone often and doesn’t always have it on-hand, “useless with his phone”? Or is that someone, that in this present day of constant plug-in, actually quite good with their phone?


One of my 2019 To Do’s (not a resolution, ok?) is to be on my phone less. In my more heightened-self-awareness-state of late, I’ve realised I’m quite ridiculous. I’ll get out of the car and scroll through my newsfeed as I make the short walk into the supermarket. If I go up the road to do banking from work, the whole time I’m looking at Insta. Yesterday, The Brother James and I did a grunty hill walk and on the way down – about 500 metres from where Gemmy was parked – he slowed down and started replying to messages. I blew up at him a bit; “We’re literally two minutes from the car; there’s a beautiful view, there’s a group of goats over there that are funny to look at and we’re in the middle of a conversation – do you really need to check it now, or could you wait just that little bit longer and reply when were back in the car?”


He obliged. I don’t know if because it resonated, or it was easier to make me shut the fuck up (I’ve also realised in my somewhat heightened-state-of-awareness that can be rather self-righteous at times).


Again on one on my news-reading buzzes, I came across the article about “Dumb Phones”. Where people are moving back to the 2280s and 3315s of the past when they’re out, which literally allow only txt, call and Snake. I’m pretty keen to jump on board (though it may mean I revert to my Snake-playing self of 2005). I find I watch stories and upload my life-doings without even thinking, and I don’t like the thought that such a way of being is now normal and common to myself.

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 12.49.03 PM.png

With the 7th tomorrow, my phone goes into flight and do-not-disturb mode at 9pm. Rather than scrolling though newsfeeds and staying up another hour, it’s instead reading the big pile of books that I had next to my bed all through 2018. The Power of Now(very, very applicable to myself at this point in time), all of Dr Libby’s, that such lark – half an hour of that before bed, rather than screen time.


I’m also going to leave my phone at home when I’m popping out for an hour. The other day I went to buy some blue-tack, and picked it up to take with as I went out the door; why? It was purely an automatic action, not one of necessity. And I was literally going to be gone for 11 minutes. So I consciously left it behind and went.


I don’t want my phone as an extension of myself.


(Also: I had a wee incident where I was jogging along with my phone in the waistband of my tights. All of a sudden, it started vibrating and I thought I was getting a call – turns out, it was actually lots of my FB friends replying to the photo of the horse I had sent them. You see, around the corner from the house I was house-sitting lives a horse who I have a wee friendship with. Every time I walk past he trots over to the fence and we hang out for ten minutes or so, and now I’m not near I make a point of going to see him every so often. It just so happened we’d had a catch-up that very morning and he was the last pic on my camera roll, and somehow my screen was set off to send it to about 500 people. Think my primary school teacher, a lecturer from Uni, a friend of my mum’s, so forth. But the best part about it was the replies – “Did you get a horse for Christmas?” “Is that your horse?” and such lark. But yes, another reason my phone shall stay home at certain times).




  • Last by no means of least, I’ve decided on my 2019 adventure: three months of Africa, Tibet, Nepal and perhaps some surrounders or near-byers – Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos. With my lifelong goal to strive to always having been to more countries than my age, I was dismayed the other day to add them up and realise I was on 26. (Although I may declare I am still 22, in this instance I take the whole hit at 27). The last few overhauls overseas have been revisiting places of the past, so no new areas have been added. So this year will up the list significantly if it all works out.


And I’ve been realistic and chopped out the Europe leg; with a wedding on June 29 and another October 4 in NZ, the five-month stint away is not an option – plus I’d rather hold off and do the third Europe experience decent justice at a later date.



I feel good about 2019. There’s a lot I want to achieve, and while before I have been keen there’s always been a bit of hesitance and self-doubt. This year I’m letting go off the fear of what others think or perceive me to be – the best I can do is be the ultimate version of myself and let kindness run from my core. Be a good person. Consider others. I think as humans we hurt so easily, and don’t live with heart as much as we should.  Be in the moment of the simple things. Embrace my curly hair and let it out sometimes.


And of course, Be Happy. Chase and nurture the things that make me feel the sun is shining from the inside out. That’s top of my mental list of 2019 To Dos.


(Fuck, does that count as writing them down?).




And:  The Leopard One-Piece?


Actually my dressing gown.

I put it on to redo my makeup before the reception at a wedding, and a friend said how it I clamped it between my legs it totally rocked as a one-piece. Cut out the claves in a photo and voila, we have it!. Doesn’t look quite so great with the legs in as below.



And just to end on, my fav memes leaving ’18 behind:





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