Feeling: THAT SPEC

Feeling: THAT SPEC Day Three & Four: Serengeti National Park Translating as “endless plains”, the Serengeti is 30,000 km2 of national park. Roaming through it are leopards, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions….. And we are camping in the open Serengeti. So for this tour, each of us has a roomie; there are four couples (potentially … More Feeling: THAT SPEC

Feeling: THE ROAD

Feeling: THE ROAD So; lads on tour. Well, not really lads. More like 16 persons of all ages from all kinds of countries and I’d say there will be no debauchery like you’d find on a rager. But hey, you never know; I reckon Marion from Country Cork has a wild streak that will shine … More Feeling: THE ROAD

Feeling: LIKE TOTO

Feeling: LIKE TOTO I love airports. Like, I fucking LOVE airports. Three reasons why: 1. Planes. Holy shit I love planes. I could spend hours upon hours just watching those things run up and then run back down the, um, runway. I purposely take a long stopover when I go on an adventure so I … More Feeling: LIKE TOTO

Feeling 3-6-5 SOBER

Feeling 3-6-5 SOBER   I’m a girl who is rather partial to a G-and-sugarfree-T. A glass (ok, goblet) of Pinot. A ladle of Poor Man’s Sangria (red wine with ginger beer and cubes of pineapple and apple floating about). So it’s not all that startling that upon saying I am doing 2019 Alcohol-Free, I on … More Feeling 3-6-5 SOBER