Feeling: RAJA

Feeling: RAJA 1. This may get a little baffling – there’s a few characters in the mix. Bear (crazy; just Googled that phrase and was astounded – always thought it was “bare”) with me, and I apologise in advance for any confusion. So last night Aussie Lyndal and I went to the first evening festivities … More Feeling: RAJA


Feeling: POOLSIDE 1. It’s quite funny; in my time, I’ve tried out being a fair few variations of people. Like a bag of RJs, I’ve been all sorts. The sporty girl in high school, the “dress up doll” (as termed by a group of girls in my form at the time) towards the end of … More Feeling: POOLSIDE

Feeling: JUST ME

Feeling: JUST ME Yesterday was the day off. Ideals of a sleep in were obliterated with a 5am alarm of clanging cows outside my window, and when resleep evaded I decided the way to go was to lie in bed and watch some Coro. Absolute bliss. So some little wee yarns, observances and threads that … More Feeling: JUST ME