Feeling: COMPLETE October 4 – all finished. (Ok, I know it’s now the 5th. But go with it). Mate, it’s astounding. Both in the sense that the past six weeks have passed so quickly, and also in the insane amount of knowledge I have taken on and actually retained. 300 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course … More Feeling: COMPLETE

Feeling: DUE

Feeling: DUE 1. This morning as I headed up to class, I crossed paths with Monita – the older Hong Kongese lady. “Poppy, I don’t think you are married yet,” she stated. “You’re right, I’m not,” I replied. “What makes you say that, though?” “You’re still very playful and peppy,” she said. I don’t know … More Feeling: DUE

Feeling: DOPAPOP

Feeling: DOPAPOP 1. There’s one female in our course who is extremely emotional. (Not me, would you believe; nah mate, mine is all under a mask of mischievousness). She came into one of our rooms with myself and the other members of the quartert one afternoon, and when she left both Sabina and Priyanka said … More Feeling: DOPAPOP

Feeling: HUMBLED

Feeling: HUMBLED My day. I’ll admit, it started off (well, about mid-morning) with an upheaval. We were sitting at our usual day-off-breakfast-cafe, when Priyanka told me she was FB stalking me. “Poppy. You look so, so, SO much better now,” she said. You know that expression, “my heart dropped”? Mine didn’t just drop mate. It … More Feeling: HUMBLED