Feeling: CRAMPY CALFED DAY TWO: Kharikhola to Chheplung; 28km (so 62 or so in the last two days). Day beginning with a solid three hour uphill, gaining 1000m in altitude from the get-go. Bodies knackered but minds still resilient, so soldiered on through multiple downpours, intense gradients up and mass declines down. And all powered … More Feeling: CRAMPY CALFED


Feeling: LEG TREMBLY DAY ONE: Phaplu to Kharikhola; in altitude, up 500m, down 900m, up 600m. About 34, 35ish km covered. A good 65,000 steps. Nine hours of solid up, down and undulated terrain tackled and totalled. Moments of brilliant heat, of solid rain, of fine mist drizzle. And all absolutely incredible. When we arrived … More Feeling: LEG TREMBLY

Feeling: ALL GOOD

Feeling: ALL GOOD Well hidey-doodey – how the fuck is it June? Quite easily, I guess. My word, life is busy! Teaching between nine and 13 yoga classes a week, managing a couple of freelancing contracts – Write On, still the ultimate pun lover and opportunist – scoping out couples for the 2018/2019 wedding season … More Feeling: ALL GOOD